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 Shadow Rider Reloaded New Updates [2015]

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Knight Industries
Knight Industries

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Shadow Rider Reloaded New Updates [2015] Empty
PostSubject: Shadow Rider Reloaded New Updates [2015]   Shadow Rider Reloaded New Updates [2015] Icon_minitime2016-01-09, 16:36

Shadow Rider Reloaded New Updates [2015] Iconsr10

This post is a preview of the publication of the next Update (and what will) :lol!:

1.- Emergency Turbo Boost.
If you fall into the water, the ETB will help you get out of there!

2.- New Handling more realistic (Great For those who want to drive more real)
Exclusively, only to drive more real, and not let wheel marks on the pavement, as if they used the handbrake


3.- Voicebox (working)
Cleo mod available on "Knight Rider 0.2b" (Voice.CS, VoiceKARR.CS, Voice3000.CS)


4.- New KITT,Karr Scaner
Kitt scanner increases its realism, now goes a bit slower or faster, depending on the transformation


5.- New KR Sounds
Replaces old kitt sounds (and old kitt) for a new and better. besides other Avanze of translation of voices kitt karr (and kitt and karr old) Spanish (Spain) and also Latin American Spanish - México, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Colombia, Venezuela, etc


6.- New KR Models
Replaces model F-150 with a new F-150 2010
Replaces model Ford Mustang Old with a new Ford Mustang GT500 (2010)
Replaces model Cop Car with a new, to choose a car within a folder models (RAR)(installation manual)
Replaces model KIT Convertible with a new Model
Replaces model Ford Mustang 2007 with a new Pontiac Trans Am 1984 (ZR-350)

Coming Soon

________________SHADOW RIDER RELOADED____________
Knight Industries Say GOODBYE
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Shadow Rider Reloaded New Updates [2015]
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