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 remote control K.I.3.T and K.A.3.R

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PostSubject: remote control K.I.3.T and K.A.3.R   2016-04-09, 22:52

Hi,i thought a new idea i saw remote control knight industries two thousands in another mod of knihgt rider. i think we should add this thing in knight industries three thousands and in knight auto cybertronic roving robot.and control was will be 4 8 6 2 for K.I.3.T and p l ; ' for K.A.3.R

thank you!
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PostSubject: Re: remote control K.I.3.T and K.A.3.R   2016-04-10, 13:00

sounds like a good idea
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remote control K.I.3.T and K.A.3.R
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